Monday, November 30, 2009


This weeks challenge is We <3 Tooshies . I actually had a fabulous photo of her naked hiney with a cheerio on it, but rules are rules, so yall get Bluebonnet Tooshie. Click the button for more!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Iheartfaces-Autumn Beauty

It's Iheartfaces Autumn Beauty week. This is from our annual pumpkin patch pictures. I just love her curious look. I had chased her around the patch for an hour before finally getting something with her face in it. Click on the Iheartfaces sign to check out the rest of the participants!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Fix it Fridays-iheartfaces

opened in raw
bumped up blacks
warmed it a bit
healing brush under eyes and nose
adjusted curves slightly

ran honey retro
ran bakery glazes, green apple
ran creamy chocolate
ran perk 2, vivid
I accidentally left the pole in some of the shots, but don't have time to go back now. Kids think they need breakfast or something ;-)

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Iheartfaces- My Story in Photos “Thankful”

Not necessarily in this order,

1. How much my children love each other

2. Living in Texas, bluebonnets, Spring, the colors of blue and green

3. My husband, our marriage, that it looks so different than it should if not for grace

4. My sister and her family, my nieces and nephews, how much my brother in law loves them

5. The Bible, our verse, sunlight in my windows, and coffee

6. My dad being in my children's lives

7. Our home, our neighborhood pool, hot Texas summers, silly boys to take pictures of

8. My 8 beautiful blessings here and my 3 who've gone on Home

9. Music, laughter, noise, chubby hands

10. My extended family, crazy as they are (that's my Uncle Vern, one of my favorites)

If you've never participated at Iheartfaces, this is a great week to do it. No judging, just gratefulness.

Friday, November 6, 2009

I heart faces-fix it friday

The original:

The first fix, I was watching a movie while I did it, so don't remember what I did. *blush* I do remember running the Faded Daydreams action was one of last things I did. It's one of my new favorites from Rita at Coffeeshop.

The 2nd. I ran about 4 or 5 actions, just to see what would happen. She came out almost animated and so different, I kinda like it. I remember Moody Pop and Retro Honey from Coffeeshop were 2 of them.

I'm loving learning about my program. I want to eventually volunteer with Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep (infant loss bereavement photography) as a Photoshop artist and I really need the practice and experience.

I will write stuff down next time cause I'm getting lots of good info from what the other participants share and maybe (although not likely) there is someone with less experience than me who I could help. Maybe not, but lie to me. :-)

Monday, November 2, 2009


It's Balloon Week at Iheartfaces. This week's entry is pretty old, the little man here was 4 and we are coming up on his 6th birthday! Balloons always remind me of him, mainly because for his 1st birthday we filled the living room with them as a surprise for him, only to find out when we brought him in that he was terrified of balloons. Oops. Picture 4 adults trying to chase 50 helium balloons into a bedroom as fast as possible while a one year old is screaming and crying like he's being attacked by aliens and you have a pretty good idea what the party looked like. As you can see, it didn't leave any lasting damage.